What is a Brute-force Attack?

Types of Brute-force Attacks

Due to its popularity, there are different methods of brute-force attacks.

  • Simple brute-force attacks: Hackers attempt every possible username-password combination.
  • Dictionary attacks: Using valid usernames, hackers will then run a list of possible passwords against the username.
  • Reverse brute-force attacks: Hackers start with known or common passwords. They then attempt with many usernames, in hopes of guessing correctly.
  • Hybrid brute-force attacks: External logic is integrated into the attack technique. Such attacks typically use both dictionary and simple brute-force attacks.
  • Credential stuffing: This attack uses valid login credentials to attempt to login into other services. The credentials are obtained from data breaches and successful password cracking.

Consequences of Brute-force Attacks

  • Theft of personal data, login credentials and money
  • Infecting websites and machines with malware
  • Collecting credentials to sell to third parties
  • Redirecting users to websites with malicious content

How to Safeguard Against Brute-force Attacks?

  • Limit the number of login attempts with a certain timeframe: This would hinder the hackers’ progress. They may be deterred from continuing the attack.
  • Use longer, more complex passwords: This increases the difficulty and time required to crack the passwords.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication: 2 or more authentication factors are used as part of the login process. This can include using a one-time password (OTP) and fingerprint.
  • Deploy a web application and API protection (WAAP) solution: Such solutions would monitor all incoming web traffic activities and block suspicious IPs and requests.

How Polaris Safeguards Your Website

  • Web Application Firewall: Acting as a shield between malicious attacks and your web assets, Polaris protects against targeted hacks.
  • Leaked data: Polaris provides leaked data detection from a diverse pool of intelligence feeds.
  • Bot Management: Polaris provides automated web traffic scanning, analyses bot behaviour and blocks malicious bots from attacking websites.



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