What is threat intelligence?

Importance of Threat Intelligence

With remote working being the new norm since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we rely on technology more than ever. However, this reliance on technology has led to cybercriminals to exploit this lucrative opportunity and they have ramped up their game. In 2020, 91% of enterprises had experienced an increase in cyberattacks with more employees working from home, according to VMware Carbon Black.

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Supporting senior management in strategic decisions

Threat intelligence information provides C-suite executives with the non-technical analysis on the broader trends of the company’s cyber threats. This allows them to make better, well-informed decisions such as investments on the cybersecurity infrastructure.

Mitigating Against Cyber Threats on the Front Line

Threat intelligence also provides technical personnel with the details on the threat, such as its technique, intent and capability. The technical analysis allows IT experts to formulate an action plan to mitigate the threat which includes conducting hot patching, software updates or deploying additional solutions that will strengthen the existing cybersecurity system.

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How Polaris can Help

Polaris’ threat intelligence technology includes an advance warning system that stops emerging threats before they impact your business. By collecting, comparing and analysing threat data from a variety of trusted sources, Polaris delivers early detections and effective defence against constantly evolving threats.



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